Mark Ashby


Mark is a graduate of the University of Louisiana and has continued masters education in landscape architecture prior to moving strictly into interior design as his profession. A Louisiana native, Mark first added his aesthetic influence in Texas in 1998- some of his immediate Austin accomplishments include a historical pre-Civil War governor’s mansion built in1853 photographed & published for its timeless tradition. Very quickly, Austin was taken with Mark’s sensibility and it was not long before he evolved his work into a larger scale company, Mark Ashby Design. The firm has worked for some of the most renowned architects and builders creating modern masterpieces as well as traditional historical preservations perfectly interpreting his client’s tastes. Mark has a proven and accomplished track record of over 20 years in Texas and today the firm works nationally including everything from small Manhattan lofts to vast Montana ranches. The firm has been featured in the books Great Homes of Texas and Modern Cabins, as well as in a number of publications, including Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Luxe Magazine, Traditional Home, Cottages & Bungalows, and Western Interiors.

Anne Grandinetti

Senior Designer & Creative Director

Raised in Houston, Anne received her BA in sociology at the University of Oklahoma.  She began her career in interiors shortly thereafter in Houston as the manager of a high-end home furnishings store which lead to her initial work as a decorator.  She went on to spend eight years in the celebrity and fashion public relations business in Los Angeles before moving to Austin in 2008 to return to the interiors industry and join Mark Ashby Design. Anne has had several projects published in several interiors publications.

Michele Lorenz

Senior Designer & Creative Director

Raised in Switzerland and Virginia, Michele returned to Europe to study business in Zurich and jewelry design in Paris.  Her work in a home furnishings showroom in North Carolina led to her first decorating projects and her career in interiors.  She relocated to Austin and began working with Mark Ashby Design in 2002. Michele’s work was most recently published in the book Texas Made Texas

Christina Simon

Senior Designer & Director of Business Development

Originally from Missouri, Christina lived in San Francisco and Berlin before settling in Austin in 2000. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and her extensive creative background includes work in the fine arts, graphic design, film, and fashion industries. Her interest in interiors began with her work designing yoga studios, and she joined Mark Ashby Design in 2011.Christina most recently had the honor of designing a Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift, The Ultimate Clubhouse, for their 2018 The Christmas Book.

Liv Kinsey


Born and raised in New York, Liv moved to Texas during high school, and then attended Texas Tech University where she received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  After a brief time back in New York in fashion promotion, Liv moved to Austin to work in the music and film industries.  Her work there included wardrobe design, art direction, and eventually set design which lead to her interest in transforming spaces and her move to interiors. She joined Mark Ashby Design in 2011.

Amanda Lodge

Senior Design Assistant

Born and raised in Houston, Amanda received her BS in Strategic Communication and Business at Texas Christian University. She worked in advertising in Dallas before going back to school for interior design at the Art Institute of Houston in 2013.  Amanda settled in Austin and began working for Mark Ashby Design in 2016. In 2018, Amanda joined the small projects division as a Designer.

Cori Pfaff

Senior Design Assistant

Cori is originally from Florida where she earned her degree in Interior Design at The University of Florida. There, she developed the technical skills to go along with her natural passion for design. After college, she moved to Chicago where she worked in high-end residential interiors for six years before moving down to Austin in 2016 and joining the Mark Ashby Design team. Cori joined the small projects division as a Designer in 2018.

Callie DeLuca

Design Assistant

Raised on the coasts of New Hampshire & Maine, Callie followed her passion for design and attended High Point University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design.  During this time, she interned at the High Point Furniture Market, working with various designers and showrooms including HGTV.  After receiving her degree, Callie moved to Austin and worked in hospitality as well as high-end residential interiors for the past three years and recently joined Mark Ashby Design.